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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lots of people say that that the hair is your crowning glory.

I do agree with that. Because the health of your hair also shows how much you
take care of yourself. Even if you are a man or a woman no matter what your age is,it's essential to put your best face forward. Sometimes me mga taong di masyado maganda pero nadadala na ren ng magandang buhok di ba.

So today , magpakakikay muna tayo my dear readers, I am gonna share you some simple tips on how to make your hair healthier and gorgeous and add 1000 pogi/ganda points to you.

These are my own tips that I apply to myself;

1.Eat healthy foods. Its basic, foods rich in proteins and vitamins are good for the hair (lean meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables)

2.Exercise. Well..I'm not really a fan of the gym. But there are many ways to exercise without you even knowing, like playing with your dogs, playing with the kids in your house or neighborhood, window shopping at the mall, biking, etc... these are enjoyable but not too pressuring...haha.

3.Clean your hair well. Anything that is dirty is prone to bacterias and stuff. So shampoo your hair everyday. And gently massage your scalp while your at it to promote blood circulation. Use different kinds of shampoos, a mild shampoo for regular everyday use (i recommend Johnson's baby shampoo), then anti dandruff shampoo for days that you are exposed to the harsh elements (try Clear anti dandruff shampoo),then an expensive fragrant shampoo for special days or night outs with your date (i love BVLGARI shampoo). Wash and rinse with cool water coz hot water makes your hair fall off..(thats what the people from Belo advise)

4. Conditioning and Hair treatments. NO need to do it everyday, Our hair naturally has oils to condition it. So you can opt to condition your hair at least once a week.Use conditioner with vitamins on it to make hair healthier (Try Pantene conditioner)

5. Do not use hair dryer and irons too much, if you use a hair dryer try to use the cool setting.
or just use the electric fan.When using a hair towel,to dry off hair be gentle too.

6. Brush hair gently. Use of soft bristle brush that massages your scalp well too... There's a lot out there that is not too expensive. there is this brand i like i bought in SM- Panini. Its been with me for 3 years now and its still working well. but any brand would do.

7. Have a regular trim. Yeah trim the hair at least every 2 months to cut off the old part and split ends.

8. Drink lots of water. Our body is made up of 75% water (or is it 78% ? 84%?). shocks i totally forgot but what i remember was majority of our cells is composed of water. So to have healthy cells drink clean water, coz it will also cleanse your internal system which is not only good for the hair but your whole body too...

9. Just love your hair, like your gf or bf...matampuhin yan. pag d mo inalagaan naglalayas. :)

So there are my simple hair care tips, believe me it works.!

and with that i leave you with one of my favorite song that warms the heart with a vid that is soooo cute...
(i think the singer here needs to follow my hair tips jowk)


Anonymous said...

astig mo talaga tami. nakkaaaliw ka mag blog

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