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Monday, February 7, 2011

I was in a birthday party last night with few friends who work for me as makeup artists, stylists and staff.

We went to a birthday party of a young female (itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Ligaya)
it was a nice party and food was delish. we drank a couple of beers. There were lots of pretty girls there, but there is a catch... All of them work as a high class prostitute.
they prostitute themselves for money. But they are high class daw because they were paid big amount of money ranging from Php5000 up to Php30,000 a night ($100-600US)some even more. Their clients include politicians and powerful people.

I discreetly talked to a friend that people have different points of view regarding that.
I for myself would not allow my loved ones (or myself) to sell their bodies for cash.
But they told me that it was because of prostituting that they got the houses, the cars, lavish gifts and all that....including the celebration we are in.
And they justified that poorness gave them that only choice...
after all, they are still young and beautiful...they should exploit it while their on top of their games.

I say it's really a case of how you think and how you treat yourself.
If they think thats the only way, then that will be their reality.
the mind is so powerful, that it manifests into reality what it thinks constantly.

(not that i am supporting them,but you know what mas gusto ko nga yung nagpuputa kesa nagnanakaw, coz prostitutes still work for every penny they get.Mahirap halikan ang taong di mo mahal...mas lalo na siguro kung makikipagsex ka pa...)
However, I still put high esteem to people who considers their body sacred and only meant it for the people they love.

Ligaya enjoyed her party last night..and a provincial mayor paid for it.
now i wanna know:

do you think poorness is a valid reason to prostitute yourself? your thoughts please.:)
yes, put morals aside, money is important, be practical
no, the body is sacred and there are other means


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