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Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, there you go...

you are now paying for your gluttony last Holiday season (Christmas and New Year food fest)
The extra pounds is now there to stay. (kidding!)
(Bakit kc minsan ang sarap lumamon tapos matulog na lang after.)

So you have that extra bulges lying around your tummy, arms, ass and everywhere ?
No need to worries, I'm gonna give you simple practical tips to still look fuckin good even
on the rubinesque voluptous plus size status.

As a photographer, I also do a lot of styling, so I am a pro at making people look great.
here are some tips to look 10 pounds thinner instantly without exercise!

1. Be YOURSELF. notice how girls with confidence appear so bright and beautiful. Because people will only like you if you only like yourself. Be forgiving of your flaws, no one is perfect. Kahit si Lucy Torres malaki noo pero shes damn fine coz she emits confidence and grace.

2. Wear slimming clothes. Dark colors are good, like black, dark blue, dark red, brown, dark grey etc. Vertical lines also create illusion of being slimmer. Avoid big patterns and shiny fabric. Low necklines are also great to elongate the neck

3. Proportion your clothes to your size. Wag na ipilit ang small pag large ka. You'd only look stuffed if you wear too little clothes for your size. ON the other hand , do not wear too large and bulky clothes

4. Wear big accessories. Big earrings, big long necklaces (avoid chokers because it hides your neck) big bags, they all make you look smaller (the logic behind there is...di ba kapag itinabi ka sa mas malaki sa yo muka kang lumiliit?)

5. Wear clothes that already has sexy shapes. Look for the kind of clothes that has lines and cut that is hour glass, Corset's are nice too.

6. If your gonna be at the beach this summer...try a swimsuit that has a nice cut, is dark and has lots of pattern, coz patterns will distract the eyes from the bulges. A sarong is nice & fashionable too.

7. Have a nice tan. A nice tan makes u look healthier and instantly thinner. try the fake tan treatments at BELO to avoid the damaging effects of the sun. Pag maxado kang white and pink you'd look like a pig.

8. Have a niceHaircut. Try long layered hairstyle( for women) , short hair only makes full sized women chubbier, for men, its different, try the cropped look, make sure your hair at the sides is thin and me spikes. it mellows the roundness of your face.

9. Wear heels. the higher the better for obvious reasons it makes your legs look longer.

10. Stand up straight. Do not slouch. It gives you an air of confidence plus your posture looks much better.

11. Learn how to contour your face when doing your makeup. Try putting on bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and jawline and lower chin area to make your face look thinner. (pde ren sa guys to just use a darker foundation and blend well)
Enhance your eyes and lips so that the attention goes there.

There you go, This will make you LOOK instantly thinner, but hey it is no substitute for a healthy living and good exercise. So please eat healthy and move your ASS!

unless you have Shallow Hal as a boyfriend! :)


Anonymous said...

tnx tam

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