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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light, some one's thinking of me and loving me tonight...."

this is a very nice line from a beautiful song that I love...

What I also love is looking at the night sky, specially when there are a lot of stars...for in the stars is written stories of my life..

Stories that makes me smile, every time I reminisce about the good times with the people that I love, yet at the same time shed a tear, when I realize that some good things never last...

When I was young I was told, that stars are just balls of fire in the universe...

Maybe they are...

But I'd like to think of them as angels watching over us.

Angels where you can whisper your hopes and dreams to.

Angels that witnessed how you're life was written and is now part of the universe.

Stars give direction and it gives life...like the sun...

I will be going back to the beach soon, and I will lay down and watch the sky full of stars again..

and pray... I believe the Universe listens to all our prayers.

Like the stars, I just choose to be silent from a far and just have my beauty ,goodness and warmth be appreciated by people who are wise.

The Stars may be far, but you cant take them for granted, because we just have limited human understanding..and we never know for sure how important they really are, unless we can think as broadly as its creator.

All we can do for now, is gaze at them... be one with them as our mind unites with the universe.

I will always love the stories that is written in the stars..and that includes the people that i loved..

Now, looking at the stars will be a different experience for you from now on,
because the stars is our lives written in the sky. We look at the same stars, but each of us will have different stories there.

" It helps to think we might be wishing, on the same bright star...somewhere out there."

Listen to the song here

+Dedicated to an old friend i used to watch stars with.Thank you for the experience.


Anonymous said...

beautifully written

Anonymous said...

Im exploring your blogsite and I conclude you have a talent in writing. Aside from the fact that you are very talented person.

Anonymous said...

G E N I U S .

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