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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To change a religious belief/s, is not necessarily a bad thing...In fact it can make LOVING someone better & more harmonious...A change in religious belief/s doesn't necessarily mean a change of GOD and all of the good principles & values in life.. It could be a change for the better that could widen our points of view...

Honestly, if not for the changes in religious beliefs, Miss Universe wouldn't be existent for us to enjoy and for Mr. Donald Trump's ORG. to earn billions of dollars from, because if not for those liberating religious changes; wearing bikinis in public, jewelries , makeup ,cosmetic surgeries ,thinking that woman should be equal to man ,etc, will still be considered as sins detestable to GOD...And no one wants to represent sins for their country, do they?

AND HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU "MISS UNIVERSE" IS A JOB TO PROMOTE TRUMP'S BUSINESSES.The show is just an elegant way of job interviewing and skill hunting on who can handle international clients, and believe it or not a lot of them have different religious beliefs that a MISS UNIVERSE should respect.

I think it would be best if she answered that she's open minded about religious changes if it was for the better, and if the change is not good, then, that is the only time she would reconsider or not marry the guy she has loved, because with how she answered it
there were 3 loopholes the judges might have seen:

1.Why and How she came to love someone in the first place, who she think doesn't love her creator and made her who she is ,if God's her topmost priority.

2.how could one say you love someone if you force your religious beliefs, and vice versa...and who could say one's belief is the best belief there is, one must be open to changes and room for improvement..You should love him and respect his beliefs as you expect him to respect yours..(One more thing she said the man she loves and will marry should love the God that created her..so who does she think created her lover?If I was her lover I would honestly feel insulted.)

3. The change in religious beliefs could be a change for the better beliefs..and doesn't necessarily mean a change of God..so she should be open to it...because as I mentioned earlier,

the changes in Religious beliefs paved the way for a lot of nations to have a more liberated mind and created a Miss Universe pageant,she wouldn't in fact be there or no one of us is watching a highly celebrated show if not for that.

When YOU really think about it, it's like almost a Venus Raj answer last year...like they come off as too righteous that they aren't open to changes.

last year Venus said she had no major major mistakes , this year shamcey says she wouldn't change any religious beliefs...

but nonetheless they made us Filipinos proud and being in the top 5 , 2 years in a row is a feat.
However as I always say, to a wise and liberated mind, there is always room for IMPROVEMENT & CHANGES. :)

I think I should train the next Miss Philippines on Q & A. Don't worry Mrs. Araneta, my fees are reasonable, plus I also photograph well. So that's two in one!

This is the 3rd time in recent years that Miss Philippines fell short of winning the Miss Universe crown due to Q & A. Ms Supsup's answer would definitely be viewed as logical & correct in the Philippines and other countries that have conservative religious beliefs. However, the rest of the world, (particularly the developed world) people have the tendency to have liberated religious views. Religion to them isn't a top priority in choosing a husband/wife. Similarly, Miss Philippines 1999, Miriam Quiambao, hesitated in her "yes" answer when asked if Miss Universe should be allowed to continue her reign if she were to get pregnant. Miss Botswana (the eventual winner that year)...answered her "YES" with no hesitation...adding that pregnancy is a "celebration of femininity". It's 2011 and Filipinos, in general, are still ultra-conservative in many ways and evidently this does not jive to well with judges in the international arena of Miss Universe.

_by iitstix92

A lot of those who disagreed with the results said, that the judges picked Angola because she is the prettiest,and final interview is just for formality, if that was the case Venus Raj should've won last year,she is the most stunning that year.But come on, she is gorgeous but to someone who speaks and understands english well,her answer is lame...Shamcey might have sounded better compared to Venus but again ,to someone who speaks and understands english well,the message was a little bit rough.That's why I didn't believe OPRAH has reservations with the results...and true enough it's a hoax invented by some delusioned pageant fanatic.

and if you are as observant as me, Angola's styling,hair and exotic looks, is almost like Venus ,minus the ribbon, and major major lame answer. So it's almost safe to say Venus Raj's look is universally appealing just like Angola's but not her weak answer..We can never tell, Lea Salonga might have chosen Angola too to be the winner, we will never know...but one thing for sure, majority of the judges didn't agree with SHAMCEY to get the plum..:)

pwede naman kasi magtagalog...kung dun ka komportable yun gamitin mo lenguwahe. la naman bawas points dun. sabi pa nga di ba unfair kasi yung iba,mas me time pa para mag analyze ng sasabihin pag me interpreter? e bakit di nyo yun gamitin ding diskarte?me nagbabawal ba ?sasabihin dapat mas mataas score kasi straight english, e kung ganun di na to miss universe contest, best in english contest na to.ang habol pa rin e yung laman nung sinabi kahit ano pa lenguwahe ginamit mo kesehodang bisaya pa o bekimon gamitin mo. international pageant nga e so given and understood na iba iba languages ng nasali..

and here is a very funny MISS ANGOLA parody when she was interrupted by the interpreter!haha! :P

and the real thing.:) I always love seeing winning moments of people.
Inspires me to be a better person.


Anonymous said...

intelligent assessment.

Anonymous said...

a comment typically agnostic if not religious mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

by lian_hawaii on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 19:58
Shamcey's answer promotes hatred, discrimination and intolerance over other religions. Besides, the contest is called "Ms Universe", and LOVE is universal but religion and beliefs are culture and location-dependent.

Of course, it is so easy to argue that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the fact remains that being crowned as a Ms. Universe entails being a role model to others. So if you can't be a role-model then obviously you don't deserve to win. Yes, she is being honest and let's all applaud her for her honesty, but that answer cannot even merit her the title "Ms. Mindanao" let alone "Ms. Universe."

The truth is her answer implies that Religion is much more important than true love, and this I believe is where the moderate and the non-extremists cross the boundary of the danger zone. Love brings peace, kindness, and respect, but religious intolerance breeds hatred, wars, and terrorism. If belief takes precedence over something which spawns overall goodness in humanity, then this is where you start to get the Mindanao, Bali, or Jerusalem, or the Northern Ireland.

-rhandy- said...

nice assessment, but I guess Shamcey doesn't have enough time to think broader

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