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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hmmm...I can already feel the holiday season coming near, and 100 days from now it will
be Christmas once again, but hey, don't forget it's gonna be my birthday first on November 4th!!Don't forget my gifts OK?!! I 'll be 21 again. You see I never believe in aging, age is just a number and youth is a state of mind..

Now before we go off topic, I'd like to share a few of my favorite things and a few blahs on why..:)

1.Simple yet CHIC clothes. you see, I am a Utilitarian . I love stuff that is functional yet beautiful at the same time. I usually shop at BOBON-PODIUM Mall, I love their unique selections and fashion designer pieces.by the way guys , they are on sale this month 50-70% OFF! Take advantage of this and do your Christmas shopping early to avoid the hassle and increase of prices during December.

2.Cool Accessories. Yep I love accessories, because it can make no.1 look different if you style and mix match it with cool accessories. I particularly love ENVOY by Edmir Dequina who by the way sells it at BOBON-PODIUM.

I also love Exquisite handmade accessories, one of which is PnC Fashion accessories.
-it is owned by a dear friend Audrey Quitayen. Aside from the cool collection, I so love the fact that it provides jobs to women who are poor and has not much time to work to take care of their families.PnC is a very noble fashion brand i must say. Makes you look good and feel good at the same time.

3. Organic SOAPS, Body Washes & Shampoos.

-to be continued


BrenT said...

hi tami

i really like your style. ung simple pero gorgeous ika nga.

i really dont know how to mix and match accessories, though mahilig ako sa necklace but i realy have no idea how to mix them. lol.

also, gusto ko sana magkaron ng photoshoot with you. ill join your bglam project.

im such a fan. hope to see you soon take care and Godbless

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