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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good day everyone. Today I'm gonna share my secrets on how to feel and look sexy.Here are some KOKO Superstar tips you could do:

Bluff it until it's real

You know some people that they practice something until it becomes real? Like if you wanna be a model, you try to pose and pose, take pictures of yourself, exercise, learn makeup and so on and so forth--and eventually it becomes real. Same goes for being sexy.

Ditch the loser mannerisms. Do not slouch,walk confident, do not be afraid to look at people and smile at them, do not bite your nails while talking...Do not fidget and stutter when talking... hmmm as for me? what I do is pretend that I'm a toothpaste model everyday. :P. try it! it works.

● Have that winner stance.If you project confidence and self assurance, people will react to you more positively, look at Victoria Secret models for example, they wouldn't be that hot if they did not stand up , walk and pose confidently. I have this friend , and before she walks out of the house, she looks in the mirror and pretend she just won a beauty pageant with matching attitude with the shocking face and tears and thanking everyone (you can skip the teary part if you wear mascara..lolz)

● Try new things, especially clothes... If you dress well you are reinforcing and saying to your body that it deserves great care because it's beautifu and soon enough it will believe you and mold itself to become one. Do not be afraid to experiment once in a while. Dont ever think that just because you do not have a mannequin figure, you cant try new and more stylish clothes on. It's all about the proper mindset. Sexiness comes in different forms and sizes!

● Be sexy on the inside. Literally. Throw away your granny panties or "ala bacon" gartered undies, even if your at home, buy yourself new ones, choose nice quality and invest in branded undies once in a while, because....you never know when you will have a love making session, its embarassing to see old and tattered undies..it's not sexy.haha.

● Have good photographs of you. Yep,I mean those glamorous pictures of you where you are looking great.Why? because everytime you stare at it, you condition your mind that the person in the picture is sexy and beautiful. Try a good photographer, who really knows how to feel and look sexy, ehemmm, ehemmmm. Check my photography site and see what I mean http://kokostyleproductions.multiply.com.

I hope these tips help my you fellow superstars, I know they will...don't forget to write to me if they work ok??? and share some how to be sexy tips too.!!! have a great day sexy.:)


Anonymous said...

ur site makes me feel sexy.

Anonymous said...

nice tips man!

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