...TAMI BALLESTEROS is an artist who has a big appetite for life. He is strong & determined to achieve his dreams. He overcomes challenges with finesse and class. He doesn’t need to be someone who achieved & possessed so much. He is happy just by knowing that he is able to live his life to the fullest -have fun, be happy, loving ,be romantic, laugh and cry with friends, be stylish or maybe be a bit crazy sometimes, to name a few, but most of all he is someone who is wise and spiritual enough to share the wonderful blessings he has in this short yet meaningful journey called life... Kudos to all of you ... :)


your key to a beautiful life.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

  1. beauty, happiness,prosperity and youth are all a state of mind

  2. life is 50% divine providence and 50% on what you do with it.

  3. God is a loving and jealous God, just like our loving parents, He wouldn't just give you away to someone who won't do good to you or to someone who will totally distance you too far from HIM.so if someone disappears from ur life, despite being good to that person ,do the math.

  4. in love and life, What matters most is what you do NOW.

  5. in a partnership no matter how hard you try to succeed and if the other party doesn't want to cooperate despite all your efforts..STOP it... move on coz there is someone out there who better deserves your attention.

  6. you have all the right to be choosy in everything, what is best for you is your decision, coz you are the one who knows yourself best.
    choose your battles, do not sweat the small stuff, learn to ignore people who puts you down.

  7. dream high..and dream big, never ever ever settle for second best.

  8. your sins will folow you wherever you go... even if you've already totally forgotten about it.
    do good to people, and it is your ultimate right to reap good as well...

  9. do not be afraid to approach the beautiful boy/girl you really really really like...who knows, he/she likes you too...

  10. real love is as easy as breathing fresh air... if it's difficult to handle, better think twice.

  11. it's absolutely ok to be angry to bad people. what is not right, is to hate good people.
    when insecure and stupid people see you as perfect, they will do anything to make you feel insecure as well, but learn to ignore them, they are useless.

  12. it is ok to check the mirror as frequently as u want because u appreciate urself and you wanna check if everything still look ok. what's wrong is people avoiding the mirror because they are disgusted with themselves..

  13. do not let other people's ignorant minds define who you are and what you are capable of doing.

  14. transformation begins in the mind.

  15. when you are special, that means you are diffrent from the usual....take it positively when people outcast you because you are great.

  16. lastly, i could be wrong with these things i say..but i'm usually right.


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