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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's officially 2009! so whats up everyone? Have you assessed your life last 2008?. Before we start our year, try reviewing your life. Is it heading the way you want it to go? If not, maybe it's time to pause , take a time off and study what you have been doing...just like the saying "Rome wan't built in a day" and that also applies to our life...If we wanna make it wonderful, start with small things like loving yourself...sometimes we are focused on getting love from other people when in fact that is not their obligation, it is us who is solely responsible to give the love and care to our mind, body and spirit which it truly truly deserves.

Want a sexier, healthier body this year? live a healthy life, start playing with your kids, your nephews.. I think children are naturally active because God intended us to burn the calories from the sinful food and sedentary lives we have. Stop bein a couch potato! Make love to your hubbies or wifeys more often! that's the best exercise..

Wanna be richer? You do not need to win the lotto to be one. Richness comes in many forms..like health, happiness, peace,a complete family,good friends, talent, skills, etc etc, Just learn to appreciate what you have right here , right now, and work your way up there.As for me, i still wanna do good in acting, modeling , of course, writing blog and soon photography and graphic design.. I hope you guys get my service!!!! hint. hint..

Want more romance and love in your life? The formula is simple...Just plant seeds of love.....lots of them...and soon you will reap it's fruits...Just like seeds, some of them will not grow, some will wilt and die, but just go on and plant plant plant love, honesty, integrity and peace, and no doubt soon you will reap what you deserve!

You wanna be stylish this year, well it's also simple...you do not need the latest trends and expensive designer clothes and accessories... what you gotta have is confidence! a great personality and being true to yourself is the best style you can have. Smile to people and the worls and it will smile right back at you.!

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Thank you to all and wishing you continued success this Blessed Year 2009!
Love you!


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