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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I was in a great Christmas Party last night in Makati,It was hosted by Mister Mel Meer, the owner of a popular fashion line for men in the Philippines called Bergamo...He is already old and very rich, yet he still has the vigor to enjoy and celebrate life.. I had the opportunity to chat with him during the party.... I told him how I was amazed by the grandeur of his house, the possessions he acquired...the travels he made in different countries.... He told me that I am still young and the world is at the palm of my hands... I said Thank you...

Then I asked him.."at the end of the day, what do you still long for ?.. it seems you have everything.."

he didn't say anything.. he just laughed at my question but I saw his eyes...amidst the lavish parties he hosts , I was wondering how come he doesn't seem quite fulfilled...

maybe it's just me...I think it t would be nice to possess lots of luxurious things in life, travel all over, get tired from shopping and travelling...but at the end of the day, I still want to go home, and meet the one I truly love and loves me in return, nothing beats that...knowing that you do not only have a house to possess but a heart you can call your home.

But then again dear readers, I don't mind a new cell phone.! just kidding...! no. Im serious.hahaha.

happy holidays...and please don't end your day without reading my blog. :)


romnick said...

u made up my day again :) and yeah i would read your site bcoz im not ending the day wihtout inspiration il try to watch the movie...merry xmas tami kepp it up..

baklita1234 said...

hey romnick thanks man...lik me at your blog! :)

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