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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hmmm. Year of the dragon na 2012.

I can feel it! Eto na talaga ang year ko. :)))
Ok sorry, year pala nating lahat!

Pinagpapasalamat ko sa diyos ang 2011, kasi hindi man naging sobrang yaman last year.
Napakarami ko namang natutunan na di matutumbasan ng pera kailanman.
2011 rin ang nagpatunay kung gaano ako katapang na tao.

This year may mga bagay ako sa buhay ko na imamaintain at babaguhin para lalo umunlad at maging mas mabuting tao...at ishe share ko yun sa inyo..malay nyo baka rin makatulong sa inyo..

Medyo kokontian ko lang kasi baka sobra naman ako mastress.

1. Be more positive and thankful everyday.
2. Love more
3. Save and invest more...be more organized.
4. Live in the present.
5. Exercise more. Healthier living.6 pack abs, pde ring 4. Healthier skin and bod.
6. This year Ill excel more in my arts..
I want my Visual Art, Video and Photography bigger. TAMI BALLESTEROS STUDIO--> that will be no.1 in the WORLD! AJA! http://facebook.com/tamiballesterosphotography
7. eat, pray and make love!

Kayo share nyo rin ano new year resolution nyo. Happy New Year! Love you all my blog readers.
mwah *

and I share to you this cool laidback song inaalay ko sa 2012!


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