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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am an artist . I breathe ART...
There is a misconception that a photographer is automatically an artist.
NOPE. It's not true...photography is a medium just like a canvass to a painter and fabric to a fashion designer...Not all who photographs are artists and not all artists are photographers...

In my case I am both. I am an artist,and photography is my medium to express my art..hence I'm a photographer as well..combined with my knowledge in ART softwares I am a digital artist too...I also express art through my words, that is why YOU have a blog that YOU are reading now that tickles your imagination...:)

Here are a few of my works I did last JULY 2011 that I want to share to YOU all my dear readers.My model is Chantelle Jacobs, You'd be surprised to know that she is not a she, in fact she is a HE.He is a dead ringer for Naomi Campbell ain't she?he?haha.
I am also a model aside fromm being a visual artist&actor that's why I know alot about camera posing & projection too...:P

I did the styling for this to make him look like a top supermodel..:).Since fashion styling is also my medium of ART.

I have an upcoming OPEN PHOTOSHOOT called BGLAM PROJECT XIII "SIMPLY GORGEOUS" this coming AUGUST 20, 2011 @ THE room STUDIO , QC
where everyone is invited to join to experience my art photography.
For a very reasonable amount of PhP1200 you would get 4 artistic photographs made by yours truly, complete with professional hair and makeup & wardrobe styling, plus we will be giving away gifts and prizes over PhP200,000 in total to those who will join..

For details and to register you can go to:
or simply click Chantelle Jacob's beautiful photographs below.:)...
Do not miss this LIMITED CHANCE for YOU to be...SIMPLY GORGEOUS.


chantelle jesus-horz


Anonymous said...

wowww. i'd join!!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic gorgeous works tami. With your talents You will be huge worldwide!!!thats for sure!

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