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Friday, February 4, 2011

Every person's dream is to be married to that one great person whom they can share the rest of their live's with.. through the ups and downs, holding hands until their last breath...

Yeah...being an independent woman/or man is a good thing..
just like the SEX and the CITY girls, but come on, even the strongest looking , independent guy or gal secretly wishes to have that special someone to hold hands with and enjoy the sunrise & sunsets

I guess its really quite obvious, that I am a person who loves romance.
It may seem baduy, but hey, that's me..haha.
(I wear my heart on my sleeve.*)

Weddings make me cry, because it's not just a ceremony...
it is shoutout to the whole wide world...that hey "I am marrying this person who is the other half that makes me whole..." and I am very proud!"

(tami silently thinks: "hmmmm. sino kaya ang maswerteng magpapakasal sa akin?")

here are some nice wedding vids that will surely melt your heart...
notice that is not your traditional way of celebrating the wedding anymore...It's more fun and personalized...and it's a good thing, because weddings are supposed to be a celebration of 2 unique individuals and uniting to become partners and make the world better and happier!

Notice Oyo and Christine's Chucks.. (It's their wedding-its their rules and that's how its suppose to be done! You guys rock!)

The funny lines of Tuesday makes me laugh yet my heart melts when I watch this...
lalo na sa una... yung natupad na yung pangarap nya...

Here is the controversial Prenuptial vid of Maggie Wilson;
I do not see anything wrong with this.It's non-conventional, and done with good artistry and taste.. I would do the same if I had a sexy partner to do this vid with...haha!

and who could forget this funny GAY wedding:
"Weddings are serious ...at least that's what I've heard"-Liza Minelli (Minnelli has been married (and divorced) four times) (laugh trip 'tol hahaha)

To top everything off, I say, to be in love to the one you adore and loves you just the same
is one of the greatest things in life.{no matter what your preference is.}
Spread the love (NOT THE VIRUS).
Malapit na pala ang Valentine's day...
I'd like a surprise gift/s and chocolates (haha parang babae lang)-di ko yan aasahan...promise.(para surprise)
Happy Valentine's KOKO Superstars.

I leave you with one of my favorite love songs that I always sing....


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acdeocares said...

thanks for sharing. being a romantic wedding and wedding vows always make me tear up.

tami ballesteros said...

ur welcome-tami

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