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Thursday, February 3, 2011

l feel down sometimes...and its not a totally bad thing, coz with our down times, we could contemplate about how our life is going. If we accept and deal with the sad feeling, we will get to realize our areas to improve on, we will also learn the things and people that we should appreciate...

Right now I feel a lil bit down because my friends had gone to work abroad, others got married and migrated overseas. (ako na lang ata natitira rito sa pilipinas).
But lookin at the brighter side, i told myself that maybe its about time to connect with other people now. No, not that I am forgetting my good old friends, of course I will appreciate them being around, but fact is, if someone is a bit far from us geographically, we can not demand as much time as they were here at our side.

Well, enough about the sad me..bago pa ako magdrama ng bongga, I wanna share the simple stuff that makes me happy.haha...in no particular oder to ha:

1. my chihuahuas. I've got a girl named Queenie and guy named King..im pretty sure u'd guess what i'd name their offsprings....BANTAY!HAHA

2. chocolate cake & cheesecake -ung di tinipid sa ingredients & ice cream by

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  1. Haagen dazs

3. my loved ones.
I'm pretty lucky to have a lot loving me...
4. my mom's cooking. I feel so blessed,when i wake up and my mum already prepared food for me to eat. I like adobong baboy and sinigang na baka na malambot yung taba...yummmm
5. a nice conversation with friends while at a cozy coffee shop or resto. I love exchanging thoughts
6. going to the spa and being pampered. I go to THE SPA. I think they have good service at disente ang lugar. I don't like it when I am in the spa and guys are there just to cruise. (You know what i mean.)
7. surprise gifts! I'm a sucker for surprises, and I so love it when people surprise me with any gift that is well thought of...
8. the beach. Well the philippines. has so many to choose from, and this summer, I'm working out my beautiful body to go there and look hot!(haha)

9. Checking out new stuff.
I am like a kid, i get amazed with new stuff, whatever it is. (a gadget, a place, food, info, intrigues etc.) As long it is novelty to me, i'd always be interested.
10. my visual arts.Whether its painting, graphic arts, interior design,photography or fashion styling,I'm into it and gets me in the good zone.
11. Cool music like LISA LOEB's STAY...

That's my partial list for now, and there so much more that makes me feel happy,I'd update this entry to let you know the other kinky stuff (kidding!)...therefore
it just goes to show that we can choose how we can react to the things that happens in our lives.
I always remember what this fantastic model of sports illustrated Alicia Hall said - "always turn the negative into a positive"...


Anonymous said...

that made my day!

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