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your key to a beautiful life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everyday as we wake up, we are presented the challenge of facing life's mysteries...

No one is guaranteed that the life ahead is a perfect one...
However we can always choose how we will react upon it.

As a friend, I suggest you to face the world with confidence and knowledge
that Life is meant to be beautiful...
Life to me is a process of learning from the experiences we get everyday...
this learning is meant for us to be wiser and more loving.

Look at your every day as a gift.
It's true that no one escapes problems. But hey come on, how can you be stronger
if you are not presented a little challenge.
People who are close to me knows how far I've overcome a lot of problems.
I didn't give up, and now I am presented with the gifts that came from my positivity in life.
I am telling this to you my friends, coz I wanna share my strategy
on how I am enjoying life right now.

And when reacting to people, always follow the golden rule.
Do to others what you want to be done unto you...
practice this and see a sudden change in your life

Hope I made sense to you today my dear readers...
keep smiling and the world will smile right back at you.

I'd like to share one of my fave song. It's a lil bit old but it's very nice,
the singer SORAYA is now in heaven because of breast cancer but she left us with her very
beautiful and soothing voice... (someday I want to leave a good legacy too when i go to heaven too)

you can dedicate it to the one you love this Valentine's..
and it's about a Sudden change of things in a good way
Listen so you'd find out....


Anonymous said...

very nice song...

Anonymous said...

u just dont have a pretty face but you have wit and a very inspiring words to offer thank you very much..keep writing...God speed

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