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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's always nice to look back on our childhood days....

the innocent laughters, the fascination for new things, the simple joys...

I remember when I was still in elementary, after school, all of my friends are so excited
to buy stuff from vendors outside our school..
we always run to buy
"ICE SCRAMBLE"!...(it's a Filipino dessert made of crushed ice, milk, sugar and toppings)

My best buds and me enjoyed this delicious treat.It's cheap yet very delicious.
Sarap kumain habang kasama mo mga kaibigan mo na nagkakasiyahan.

however that was the time when it was safe to buy Ice Scramble from vendors.Those were the days when water was much cleaner, without risk of being sick

I love to eat this dessert even up to now.That's why I was so ecstatic when I recently found out, when I went to the mall,
that you can buy ice scramble easily through SCRAMBLE KING. Plus you are sure that it is safe and clean.
The simple ice scramble has now evolved and has great different flavors! amazing.
Ranging from chocolate, buco pandan, strawberry, vanilla, mocha and so much more
and you can even choose a wide array of toppings like chocolates, candy sprinkles, nuts etc.

Every time I buy scramble from SCRAMBLE KING, I feel like a child again...

Reminiscing the times when simple things makes us happy...
After all , life is not about how much you spend,
let's learn from the smiles of children eating ice scramble :)
...its about how much of your life you enjoyed and shared.

Now you know what I ate last summer.

And a nice song to start your day right.
Always remember that there is always the child in you no matter how old you are.Keep smilin :)


Anonymous said...

so sweet....

Anonymous said...

bibili ako nyan

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