...TAMI BALLESTEROS is an artist who has a big appetite for life. He is strong & determined to achieve his dreams. He overcomes challenges with finesse and class. He doesn’t need to be someone who achieved & possessed so much. He is happy just by knowing that he is able to live his life to the fullest -have fun, be happy, loving ,be romantic, laugh and cry with friends, be stylish or maybe be a bit crazy sometimes, to name a few, but most of all he is someone who is wise and spiritual enough to share the wonderful blessings he has in this short yet meaningful journey called life... Kudos to all of you ... :)


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometsome , we have lots of time to kill, and then we get bored. Herhe are some simple neat tips you can do to be productive during those times:

1. Read a book (not just the closest thing you have, but something you’ve been wanting to read)
3. Write an entry for your blog4. Clean out your e-mail inbox6. Empty the dishwasher7. Clean out the fridge8. Do laundry (even if you don’t have very much; the “How Clean is Your House?” ladies recommend washing sheets at least once a week)9. Put away extraneous clothes, magazines, etc that are lying around10. Go through your clothes and donate the ones you don’t wear11. Go through your books and donate the ones you won’t read again12. Dust13. Get the mail14. Walk the dog16. Go for a walk19. Vacuum21. Write letters24. Work on your novel29. Plan your outfits for the upcoming week (also saves time later on)34. Find a new place to eat36. Get your favourite photographs framed43. Go grocery shopping45. Sort through the mail46. Pay the bills48. Exercise50. Read the newspaper54. Organize the pile of papers on your desk56. Write a list of gift ideas for friends and family57. Paint61. Take out the garbage63. Go to the dump66. Make an elaborate dessert (something new you’ve never tried before)67. Invite people over for dinner68. Plan a party71. Volunteer72. Write a letter to a politician75. Plant seeds77. Throw away things you don’t need78. Break in a new pair of shoes79. Learn the words to a new song82. Brush up on your vocabulary85. Play a game with a friend or relative89. Design a closet organization system92. Find a new way to wear your hair



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