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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi Superstars;

so are you thinking of ways to make your special someone happy this heart' month, try out these cool but inexpensive tips for sure they will work!

Purchase some clear red balloons. Before blowing them up, place either wrapped candies, small gifts, and/or love poems inside each one, and then give them to your loved one as a bouquet.

Make a meal only out of heart-shaped items, foods that are red, or both. Try making a spaghetti and shape them into small hearts or buy heart shape plates.. make a heart shape cake...make it chocolate to make it more romatic..yummm...

Embroider or print your names on a scarf, pillowsheet cover or shirt (example: Manilyn loves janno)

Write a love letter to say I love you.

Create handmade coupons with gifts your partner can use anytime, such as a massage or a night out on the town with friends, a dinner for two...sweet noh?

Does your partner ever ask you why you love them? Then create your own little booklet using cheap store bought booklet , just for them entitled, "Why I Love You: # Reasons".

Make a mixed CD of all of your favorite songs, or create a compilation of love songs that remind you of your mate. Better yet, learn how to play one of these love songs on the guitar and serenade him or her on Valentine's Day.

Make your own fortune cookies to take along to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner, and use them to woo your date on Valentine's Day.

Grab some construction paper and cut out as many hearts as you like. On each one, share a story about your relationship that shows how much you care. Once finished, take the hearts and string them individually from the ceiling so it looks like your home is raining love.

Take your relationship to the next level and propose.nakz


Anonymous said...

Hello, is there a winner for your PhP 500 mobile load contest?

Anonymous said...

nice tips

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