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Monday, January 5, 2009

while shopping at disneyland hk

I stayed in hongkong for 4 days, and somehow I got to realise a couple of things about my travel.And here they are:

  • hk people are very clean in their environment, they tax people here if you spit your saliva, throw your trash everywhere, eat and drink inside the trains, pee on the road or public places...in the philippines, they also have these laws but it's not strictly implemented...

  • hk people do not smile a lot, they are a little introvert, so if you wanna get to know more or approach someone, you got to make the first move...a warm smile always work.

  • Hk people speaks better english than those residents of macau.you have to repeat what you said a few times before they understand you.

  • HK people are very stylish, I like the way they experiment in their fashion and hairstyles.

  • HK people generally are slim, maybe because they do a lot of walking here, Trains and subways are their mode of travelling here so there is less traffick. I wish the Philippine government could also improve on our traffic sytem time is Gold , so if we can spend more time being productive rather than be stuc in traffic jam,, maybe we will be a bit richer

  • HK is then capital city for fresh noodles. THere is almos 50 kinds of noodles here..Hmmmm tastes good.

  • HK uses bamboo as scaffolding for building construction, but it's amazing how they are able to do it and stay safe, and make big tall buildings.

  • HK residents are very strict on traffic rules. Pedestrians always follow traffick signals. which means it's safer and less accidents happening. I hope filipinos could be like that too.

  • HK lifestyle could be quite pricey if you are really not aware of the cheap places to go to. You should learn how to haggle or bargain so they could give you the merchandises for a low price.

  • HK also has BODYSHOP everywhere, like in ever street corner there is a BODYSHOP shop.it's a brand for personal care.

Overall I think HongKong is OK,My advise is if you plan to go there, you should bring a lot of money, You should also do your internet research first, so you could plan your itenerary.It's also a good thing to have a friend living in HK to tour you around, or assist you if you have any questions.That's all for now..I am in the HK Airport now , by the way it's quite huge and very nice.ciao for now.... more updates soon...


Anonymous said...

Hey Tami! Are you back? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your stay in HK! Just advise your followers that if it is their 1st time to visit HK or somewhere out of the Philippines, make sure that they should have a tourist agency(based on experience). I know that it's quite uncomfortable to have someone hold your time in an out of the country tour but it's really reliable especially if you are not that familiar with the place. Besides, after the day tour with your agent, you can always go out at night and experience the place on your own. ^.^

tami ballesteros said...

thanks for the info chie!link me sa blog mo!ty

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