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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A lot of people say they don't regret anything in their life, for if not for those experiences they wouldn't be who they are now.. maybe they are right...but I believe otherwise.. I regret a few things in my life .. that if I had the chance to turn back time I would do things differently.
Regretting something is to be sorry for the mistakes, mourn a loss or miss something very valuable.
But of course, the only time we have is the present. I know that is a fact, unless you know of anyone who owns a time machine and can travel through time. Past is history and the future is just imaginary.
Regret can be your friend or your foe. Its your choice. I choose it to be my friend.A friend to remind me of the things i should do in the present so I'd make better choices.
Let's face it , we can not change the mistakes we've made in the past. we can not make the dead rise from their graves, we can not rewind our lives like a video.
what we can hold of is the NOW. and please be reminded to use the NOW wisely and not make it to another REGRET
kiss your parents while they are still alive, love your brothers so dearly, share your life to others, do not ever ever let go of the person who loves you faithfully..he is rare. ..love and respect your self..Forgive people....treasure every single blessings you have in the NOW...
Before, I never believe that ghosts exists, but now I do- their other name is REGRETS...

what would you change if you could only turn back time?.....


Paurong said...

I agree with you. If only I could bring time back, as well, I would do things right. But NOW is NOW. All I can do is to focus on the NOW to have a better FUTURE.

Nice reads over here. I'll wait for your next post. Keep it up.

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