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Saturday, January 24, 2009

tarot card fortune teller
she sells herbal medicines and magic potions and charms...:P

quiapo church

mami and siopao

beef mami that I ate

ube hopia

Yesterday i was in the streets of Quiapo, its located at the heart of Manila, It was not really a posh place but the busyness coupled with the mystery of the place allures me.

My trip started at the Quiapo Church ,a lot of Filipinos are catholic and believes in saints, so don't be surprised if people wipes heir handkerchiefs on the saint's statues..I do that myself. :). I also bought charms supposedly to give me protection from people who wish to do harm to me...
Then I had my fortune told by a fortune teller sitting in front of the church, she told me things I wanna hear, that's why I believed her..if she had told me otherwise , I'd think she's a fake..haha
I bought cheap street food like isaw, dugo and adidas, to those who don't know what they are, it's chicken intestines, clotted blood of pork, and chicken head all in a stick and then barbecued to perfection. hahah. some people may find it gross, but to those who are adventurous, it is a culinary experience!
You could but lot's of cheap stuff here.. like dvds, sunglasses (i got a cool shades for 45 pesos its 1$ in US), cheap pets in Aranque market. I also ate noodles they call Mami..just like what you get in HongKong but cheaper..comes in beef and chicken....and something about the dirtiness of the preparation makes it more adventurous to eat..hahhahaha!

Oh I also like the cubic hopia sold at baker's best... mura na masarap pa, I ate the ube hopia..ube is a sweet root crop i think it's called purple yam in english...

Quiapo is also very interesting at night, there are lots of clubs there to get girls (and boys)..if you get what I mean ; )

that's all for now my friends...I'd go back there very soon and tell you more..who wants to join my adventure?...


elysplanet said...

pajoin sa adventure. i was there yesterday too to meet my friends from Palawan and buy some Ukay. It was my first time to go to the place and I was amazed of the crowd. Hmmnn, it was a nice visit anyway. Sama mo ako pagbalik u dun ha while I am still in Manila, hihi.

Allen Yuarata said...

Try the restaurants in Binondo. It's there that I tasted the best wanton ever.

the barefoot baklesa said...

quiapo is such an amalgam of cultures and rituals... it's the place where the past and the present collide with such a verve.

and i come there every friday, the place makes me feel so alive.

Anonymous said...

hay naku.. hayan ka na naman.. consulting your fortune to somebody... as ive told you.. ikaw ang gagawa ng future mo.. pero i also believe that kung ano na ung nasa swerte mo.. yun na un.. kahit wala ka gawin bigla na lang darating.. merong taong always striving pero di maswerte.. at merong pa easy easy lang pero maswerte.. at merong taong may konting swerte pero saksakan ng sipag.. ikaw ata yung pangatlo.. lol.. peace! u know u i am. im ur angel!

Anonymous said...

I know my comment here is late, way too late for that matter, you see, i just stumbled upon your blog and got glued on it. I randomly scan through the topics that catched my attention and this Quiapo adventure was one. It gave me chuckles while reading the food you ate. i remember my college days when i did similar adventure. I now worked and based in the US. Hope you can accompany me in Quiapo for another adventure, would'nt that be fun?

tami ballesteros said...

sure thing!!!thankx

Anonymous said...

it's funny that Tami calls everybody ANGEL. one anonymous person said "im ur angel! tawag nya rin sa akin angel...GRABE DAMI MO NAMANG ANGELS, TAMI. please try to differentiate now kung sino mga good angels, fallen angels, seraphims, cherubims at kung ano ano pang mga angels hehehe...

Anonymous said...

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