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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lately, I am a fan of feng shui stuff and practices, I bought a lot of stones, crystals,charms that is supposed to give me good luck...hehehe, a lot of my friends find it funny, ....i also find it funny, because my room is starting to look like a chinese feng shui store, but what's funnier is that I am getting luckier everyday...Maybe because when these charms are around I think positive things and hoping for good things to come...because as the sayong goes "what the mind conceives the body achieves"

Now I am planning to buy an aquarium, a very good friend of mine, gave me gold fishes, they say its good to have an aquarium with gold fishes in it...:P..but the 2 baby gold fishes died because I did not have oxygen for them.. a lil bit too late ..but right now I am in the mall looking for an aquarium. lolz

But you know what, it's really not feng shui that will make your life better, it's your reaction to life...and here are some tips i wanna share

1. Embrace new things. It pays to check out things that you wouldn't normally check out. You never know. You just may come across something that will make your life better. As Wiseman observes: "Unlucky people are often in a rut." So, to raise the chances of good luck coming your way, resolve to make a quick exit each time you encounter situations that aren't doing you any good.

2. Keep a sunny disposition. According to Wiseman, lucky people "tend to look on the bright side." It may be quite a challenge to pull this off, but once you have it down pat then nothing can bring you down. This attitude will help you bounce back from the most trying situations. Picture this: If you're running late for work and your car won't start, just thank your lucky stars that your engine trouble manifested itself in your garage and not when you're in the middle of a freeway.

3. Paint a pretty picture. "Lucky people assume positive things will happen to them," states Wiseman. When you're starting a new project or, perhaps, setting up a new business, visualize your success. As long as you've covered all the necessary bases, then luck is on your side.
There you have it, folks. You don't have to wait around for Lady Luck to pay you a visit. You can be proactive about it. Yes, we can all go through our good luck rituals. But, we have to remember that the luckiest charm we could ever hope to have is our ability to make things happen ourselves.


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