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Friday, December 19, 2008


1. magsisi kayo sa nagawa nyong kasalanan na katakawan - THE FIRST STEP IS ACCEPTANCE. well ganun talaga, more calories in and less calories out = fat

2. START to USE the stored FATS- simulan nyo na gamitin maigi ang fats nyo para mawala.
maglinis kayo house, magsayaw sa club, walk ur dog, walk in the mall, play dance revo, gumamit ng tabo habang naliligo, play with children or with your friends., do household chores.. and xempre do some weight training and aerobic exercise on the side...like sex? kidding. no im not kidding...hehe.. breathe deeply and increase ur heart rate. sweat all the fats out.

3. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK - this doesnt mean you just munch on carrots for the rest of ur life, you just got to make healthier decisions. like steamed versus fried, lean chicken versus pork, diet coke versus regular coke, water versus iced tea,
vegetables and fruits is good. choose lean servings of meat. and dont eat the yellow part of the egg.
avoid dairies, like butter, milk, cream and cheese. or go for their lower fat substitutes (like soya milk)
NO or less SUGAR na, less carbs (pasta, rice, white breads), no oily stuff,
watch your portions too. like when you go sa starbucks, choose the smallest size kahit pa sabihin nung barista na yung pinakamalaki is just 10 pesos na lang ang diffrence sa maliit. sige ka.. 10 inches din yan sa bewang. hahaha.
learn to cook ur food the healthy way. there are countless of healthy dishes you can eat that tastes good. i'll share some of my recipes in this blog soon.. naks.
OH DRINK TEA..especially green tea.. use honey to sweeten it coz its scientifically proven to increase ur metabolism.
DON'T drink BEER. check nyo na lang mga tomador laki mga tyan.
dont starve urself. eat in small amounts . like 6x a day. this will help u increase your metabolism.

Just set a GOAL and achieve it.kayang kaya yan. IT's fun being active and eat and live healthy.. record ur improvement. so ud know what works for you. SUMMER is approaching near so we gotta be ready to boot our sexy bods! tapos pag dating ng holidays! lamon uli!!!!! ..nah im just kidding.

share ur healthy tips if u have any. ayt? CIAO.


Anonymous said...

nice one bro... all the tips are true..

garry (http://gorio123456.multiply.com/)

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