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Sunday, October 30, 2011

hmmm. ...the 4th of november,a very special day...coz it's the day one Tami Ballesteros was born to make this world 1 person crazier & more gorgeous...:)

and a lot of thoughts are running in my mind.. and i decided to write them down and share them to you my dear readers...

for me, a birthday is not just a once a year celebration. it should be a celebration everytime we get the chance to open our eyes to a new day...however i dont suggest throwing a birthday party everyday.:)..a simple appreciation to the world and up above is enough.

a birthday to me is also having a new paradigm in life .Having new thoughts , principles and values that makes you a better person is also being reborn spiritually, hence, I call it a birthday...

To me a birthday doesn't mean to be old. One can be young forever if they choose to.
age is just a number. I will celebrate my youth and the child in me for the rest of my life.

Birthdays is a chance for us to reflect on what's been going on with our lives...
a chance to ask have we fucked it so much? a chance to get to know our strengths and weaknesses, most especially, our improvement areas.As long as we are living, there is always a room for improvement.

Emotions mixed up everytime, my birthday is coming up...maybe because...i reminisce on the people, places and experiences that has come and gone... It draws me up to smile and at the same time shed a tear or two.

Birthdays to me is to realize that in this meaningful life, we are given so many chances and privileges to be loved and love, share our blessings and be better each passing moment.

I would have wanted to write a long list of material things I would love to get this coming birthday of mine, but i chose not,I believe I'd rather give than receive for a change.

And maybe this simple gift of me having to be able to share the wisdom I gained , is also a gift I know that would come back one way or another.

And I take this chance to thank YOU all who supported and believed in me.
loved and cared for me...to all of us...
I wish not just a Happy Birthday but Happy Birthdays on our every waking days.
Amen.- tami

And I share this very nice song to reflect on,,by one of my favorite crooner..BAMBOO...with LYRICS, so you could sing a long..:)))
my official birthday song- QUESTIONS

my favorite lines:
Running in circles
In this once in a lifetime
I got this
One last chance
To ditch this borderline life
My place in this world,
last day I draw breath
I'm about to collide
With myself...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

soul_eater_aj said...

so you're a november baby too...coool! happy birthday tami!!! =) #TeamScorpio

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