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Saturday, February 12, 2011

OMG Valentine na pala bukas. tapos less than 500 lang pala pera mo?
What to do?
Well don't despair I am here to give you great but cheap ideas on how to make your valentine day special with your loved one.
NO need to be extravagant because what counts is the thought that you put in what you do.

Lets begin:

1. Home coked candle lit dinner. Invite your jowa at your place, cook a special meal that he/she really really loves, and just set the table and ambiance nicely. (you can also buy the ingredients and cook together.)

2. Movie date night at home.
Go to quiapo and buy great dibidis. prepare some special snacks both of you will enjoy (You don’t have to watch mushy movies or romantic chick flicks if you don’t want to. Any movie that you think you’ll both enjoy watching will do.)

3. A breakfast valentine date. Not all date should be done in the evening. Why not prepare something special for your baby, and give him/her a nice breakfast on bed. sweet! with matching flower na pinitas mo sa garden ng kapitbahay.

4. Make Romantic Gift Certificates. You can just write on paper that he/she is entitled to a sensual massage, or romantic dinner, a sexy Turkish bath, SWEET KISSES, or whatever he/she might like you to do. (but make sure its valid only til feb 14 so she'd claim it! haha)

5. Write a very nice and sincere letter and read it to him/her.
Nothing is sweeter than hearing the voice of your loved one confessing their love to you...While your at it why not play your love theme song para mas cheesy pare!

6. Combine all of the above. Light up Scented candles for dim light effect.Then make love! (bahala na kayo how you will interpret this.)

There's a lot more you can do without spending a lot. Just use your resourcefulness and creativity. after all pag mahal mo at mahal ka ng isang tao, no matter what you give as long as it is sincere and well thought of , it will always be greatly appreciated... :)

and a very funny valentine song:



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great ideas.. haha..

happy valentine's day tami!

daan ka din sa blog ko, may pagbati ako sayo..


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