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Monday, September 27, 2010

time flies fast.
and here we are facing another stage in our relationship.
i wanted to make it last, but there are some things about making it through
that you wont understand unless you experience growing up without me.

no one's perfect in any kind of relationship
that's why communication is important.
id rather get you really really mad at me and tell me what's wrong
than be silent on what is killing you deep inside.
at least with that i would know.

i may not understand it immediately..
but at least i know whats bothering you...

i'm already old enough to know that setting someone free
is one of the best form of love one can give.
that's why i'm giving it to you.

i want you to be happy and successful.
maybe that's why i always try to correct what i can about you...

but now i realized, its not ALL my responsibility to do so.

we exchanged hurtful words when we fought
but that doesn't take away the fact that i care and love you.
maybe not in the way you wanted, but i do.

i did my best for us to survive because
you are not only partner to me
but you are also a friend, family and confidante already.
and i will forever keep that.

i am grateful to the one up above
that even for a short while, i experienced and learned life together with you.
it's a fun ride ain't it?

like a father to a child, i know that someday you have to be on your own even
if i like it or not.
and you have to, because that's the best way to learn and appreciate life and other people
including me....

and one day when we meet again, i'm sure we will have lots of stories to tell.
dreams made into reality. and new experiences to share.
whatever that has been said and done, i am forgiving you.
and forgive me too for my shortcomings.

i may appear strong and tough all the time.
but still I am human. i do cry,get tired and get weak too...
i just need this facade because its my only protection
and this is my means to survive.
because I do not have so much left in my family to lean on..and you know that.

i wish you all the best life has to offer.
thank you and i love u.



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ur one of the best blogger ever...thank you

Anonymous said...

ur one of the best blogger ever...thank you

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