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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some people say that love wont put food in your mouth, some sez love can not pay for the hospital bills when you are sick and aging...a lot sez that money is essential for love to survive..Most say Choose someone rich when committing to someone, it's just being practical..

With all these thoughts, I beg to disagree, coz I will always Believe that LOVE is all WE need...Money is not a guarantee of true love. But when someone truly loves you,you are guaranteed that he/she will do all she can for both of you to survive.

A person might be a millionaire, but with a heart that is greedy and malicious, it's useless. I'd rather settle for someone who is poor but with a generous heart. After all, It's a fantastic journey and adventure on our way to the top.

One can not equate richness and prosperity with the amount of money they possess. Prosperity is a state of mind, you can feel prosperous when you feel you are surrounded with good things life has to offer regardless of how much you have in your bank account.

With all these, I am not saying we do not need money, but money is just a resource, you can easily gain it. Love is more powerful, it can move mountains, it made the Universe, it made you breathe, it made and motivated you to live...Much more than medicines can do, much more gratifying than the most expensive gems, much more satisfying than the best foods on earth...

With all these, I say,
Choose someone who truly loves you, coz he/she will stick through the good and roughest of times...He/she will be with you no matter what to weather the storms and celebrate the beauty of life- and that to me is PRACTICAL. :)

-Prince Tami


Anonymous said...

nice thoughts

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