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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think I already have a lot of followers from different countries now...
but I havent told so much about me..and I'd like to share few thoughts that I think is about me...

What i can say about me is that before, I was conceited and I admit that, but now I changed,.. I am now perfect. Just kidding... I am still conceited...... and perfect...kidding again!

Seriously, I am loving' life, I wanna experience all the great things it has to offer. That's why you'd see me trying out different things..i am hungry for knowledge, especially those in the arts , spirituality and how mind works. I also like Mathematics.I think math exists everywhere, and should be properly applied...I even think that if we know how to properly equate everything including our emotions, we would be happier and more satisfied.

On the lighter side,I also like different foods from different cultures,that's why I hate dieting.I especially love Cheeses,cheesecake and chocolate cake. I also like home cooked meals better than those that is store bought...maybe because i feel there is more passion and care put into home cooked meals...I also like cooking, but only fast dishes , such as what Rachael ray does.I can whip a full course meal in 30 mins. or less.

I like to look my best all the time,it's not vanity, I just feel that my body deserves the best attention it can get, after all, it's the only one I've got and if i look good I make a lot of people happy just by looking at me. haha.I absolutely believe that age is only in the mind, being young forever is possible.

and obviously, I like a good laugh, but don't get me wrong, I am not a happy go lucky guy, I also like smart talks, just the right balance of witty and funny conversations,that is what i like. Honestly this page is not enough to tell about me, because as what was said by Oscar Wilde- "to define is to limit"

At this moment this is what I can say about me. and it's not impossible that I might be a far different person in the future compared to what I've written now. So join me as we explore this great life together. ciao for now KOKO Superstars.


jacky said...

hi i'm jacky,gay,24 from antipolo city....you know wat?you are bing selfish...you want more love but are you open for anyone who wants to love you?your so cute...have try to love same sex?or have you experience having a relationship with gay?

Anonymous said...

muka naman marami gay admirers yan

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