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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Koko Superstars;

I always believe that you can't go anywhere unless you have a goal in mind...and a goal is just a daydream unless you act on it, and a dream will never materialize if you do not set a deadline for it.
That is why I am re assessing my life now...and here are the things I wanna pursue in getting this year of 2009 before my birthday on November 4th.

  • Make my family whole again.My mom, brothers, and nephew happier.
  • be a very good businessman and have my 1st million dollar by this year
  • be an excellent photographer (www.kokostyleproductions.multiply.com)
  • be a fantastic celebrity and model.
  • my own house and car
  • be smarter, leaner , healthier, and hotter
  • be more organized, clean and neat with my things
  • be a loving and loyal brother, son and boyfriend
  • be a very good charity worker (www.kokocharities.multiply.com) so i could share all of my blessings to the world.
that's all for now...I just wanna write it down on my blog, so I will always have a reminder of the directions I got to take.:)..and maybe some one out there in this world might help me in my venture .maybe Oprah might stumble on my blog..hehhehe. but we never know right..?

That's why I encourage everyone to be a dreamer, never lose hope even if sometimes you feel down, you are the master of your world, that's how we were suppose to be...do not let situations control you..control them...so to all my friends out there...just believe and you will receive....your thoughts will guide you to the path you should take...always stay happy and have a clean heart...your clean heart will never mislead you.

-Prince Tami


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