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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have a set trip for hongkong this jan 3rd. I am pretty much excited about it...

This is my first time to go there, and if there's anyone from hongkong (or who's been there) reading my blog, would you tell me the best places to go there?...and the cheapest of course....i am very adventurous when it comes to food and places.

I am all ready to eat hongkong noodles! hmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it...then I'd visit different cultural and fun places, I also wanna see HongKong's fashion style.i'd be shopping a few stuff from to update my style...I love lookin stylish yet not too much.and then maybe go to one or two clubs...stayin up too late is not my thing....

after this trip.I 'd have to re asess the things I'd be doing in my life....I have to straighten out my plans , so I'd have more direction.One thing is for sure though...I'd keep on doing good to people and to myself, because whether I plan it or not..karma is just around the corner.


Antoine GF said...

enjoy ur trip!
Happy New year Prince Tami...!

Anonymous said...

you have to go to ocean park, if this is your first time. but ask around and make sure it isn't a public holiday in hongkong when you go. :)

oh, and there's a cool noodle house near the panda hotel, near 7-eleven. and their spicy noodles is really spicy.

Anonymous said...

victoria peak!!! especially at night. the most beautiful view that you'll ever see in hongkong. also try to visit the Po Lin Temple where the Tian Tan Buddha is located. It's in Lantau Island. what else? let me think...try to ride on a star ferry, it operates across victoria harbour. don't forget to check out ocean park. you'll miss half of your hk trip experience if you will not visit it. and if you still have the time, go to hk disneyland and tell me how's it like coz i haven't been there. ingats! ^.^

elysplanet said...

Pwede pasama? hehehe. kidding. Enjoy your trip and happy new year! This is my first visit to your blog and enjoyed it. God bless Tami. May God gives you bigger and tastier things in life!

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