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Monday, December 17, 2007

Almost everyone I know of has experienced love and get hurt... some decides to move on, some dwell on it, either ways nobody really has let go..they just decided accept the fact that Goodbyes exist. COz honestly... we don't really let go, we just learned the art of acceptance until we live each day without the person and we grow numb, and we get used to the numbness. But did we actually let go?
How do you let you go?
when there is so much to hold on to.
So much to fight for
And the whole world to build the dreams together.
All the more reason................................
Love that just needs to be re-lived.
Love is indeed a very complicated emotion. You stare at one another, and in the moment time stops as if you know that when your eyes first met, you are soulmates. We start to act crazy, talk impressive because we want the person to be proud of us, without realizing that the person is already proud of us even if we are at our worst state, ugly look, bad breath, stinky fart and sweaty hands.
It takes a God-given grace to find a person who will look at you in the eye and say, just show me you love me and I will give up my dreams for you, Just kiss me and I will forget we ever fought, Just hold me and I will not worry, and Just embrace me and I shall rest in harmony for eternity.
How ironic love is, that it brings the greatest feelings yet the greatest sorrow. It may light the day with laughter as it drowns you with tears. It brings you to light, yet it can take you to the darkness you will never wish to be. It brings happy memories that can also kill you at the same time. BUT THAT'S THE RISK WE CANNOT AVOID!! You have to be hurt in order to be strong, you have to stumble and fall to stand and rise and you have to feel pain in order to grow.
Why can't we just buy love in as much as we can buy our way to our dreams? Why cant we select the people we will love and who will love us back as much as we can select the path to our success? Why does trial and error has to be with someone else every time we fail? Why can't we start over with the same person like in the games when the game is over? Why is it a one time shot only,, and Why isn't there any timeouts,,,,,just goodbye's?
All of this we will come to realize as soon as we let ourselves give in to the feelings, let someone in and cut a piece of your heart to give.
You will not realize it until you take the risk that someone might go away with the piece of your heart along, the risk that you may have given the lock to your heart's door and the person may disappear carrying the lock. That you may end up with a torn heart, and you might wait a lifetime to wait for someone to come and fix it. All these you can realize when you take the risk or FALLING IN LOVE.
Yet looking at the bright side, after all the pain and suffering, no matter how painful and hard it is to bear, you'll come to realize that when the sun sets, there'll only be a brief moment of darkness and you will eventually find yourself in a familiar place once again. A place that you call home, where your friends are waiting, your mom, your dad...family...and maybe the love that has been there all along,,,with YOURSELF,,, and the sun shining on your face. It is the time where you will start to appreciate the loneliness of the night, learn to smile to the sad rainfall and perhaps dance alone in the rain, start to hear the cricket's music and appreciate the design of the heavens with each star telling stories as you write yours. And I have written mine. There is smile, there is sorrow, there is sacrifice, there is Romance and there is LOVE,,, all written across the sky.
ISN'T IT STRANGE the way things can change? nothing is permanent....so either ways...be thankful ..you were given the chance to take the RIDE OF THE WORLD TOGETHER...EVEN FOR A SHORT WHILE...



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